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Voice Search SEO - “A New World Redefining The Way You Search!”

An Overview On The Voice Search Process:

In the last two years, we have adopted a fast-paced technology that will redefine the way we experience the web. In 2018, Voice Search is all around: on your smartphones, computers, cars and at home via smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. By employing this, you can get to know about the best restaurants nearby you or anything else within no time.  

Focus On: From Keywords To Semantics!

The acceleration of Voice Search trend is just the tip of iceberg where Search Engines are switching from the Keywords to Semantics and also natural language processing is heading towards human-centric results. It's not happening for the same, In fact, it's true for any kind of search, particularly on Google.

Nevertheless, since fall 2013, thanks to the algorithm called Google Hummingbird, SERPs have been more populated with outcomes that take into account context information. For instance, the type of device utilized, time of the day, geolocation, previous searches and more. In order to give each user the accurate results, Google, a reliable search engine, is also employing a Machine Learning Technology known as RankBrain. It's a third party signal primarily used to interpret the searches in order to find pages which offers a good answer for users. In addition to this, it relies on Semantics as it goes beyond keywords and gets deeper into the contextual meaning of the search by an individual.

While using context information, search engines serve even more relevant results to the consumer by picking the answers that seem to be more accurate or case-specific. Considering a big picture, Voice Search is one more reason for content developers to strive to content structure and rethink each article or page as a result for particular personas.

Aspects You Should Consider To Optimize Your Content For Voice Search:

Make the content easy to read: Organize the content of the web pages with subtitles, tables, bullet points, and some highlights. This is something that will help machines understand the content on your site. And, don't forget most people tend to quickly scan a page prior to reading it. Yes, a neat content organization of your website will assist the nasty readers and give them a compelling reason to thoroughly read the piece of writing.

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Optimize for mobile & local search: Most of the time, Voice Search comes from mobile devices. A mobile-friendly web page is so important for SEO is the fact that you should pay attention to. In the case of mobile optimization, the speed of a page is pivotal. For detailed information, let's take a step forward and think how contiguity could change the relevance of the content ultimately.

For instance, if you own a local activity, it most likely focuses on who your products and services may help consumers around you and structure the content accordingly. However, consider the specific needs of people and feed them with useful information that actually related to your business.

Embrace everyday language: Do you really think that average people perform voice search with complicated hyper-specialized words? Of course, no! Indeed, they will probably use everyday language to ask questions. Hence, it is suggested don't overlook the KISS principle: “Keep it simple and short”. Ask to yourself what would individuals who know nothing or nearly nothing about the subject matter would search. And, then just write for them.

It is well said by Albert Einstein: “If you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it well enough“.

Optimize the business: To become a successful entrepreneur in the world of Voice Search, all you need is to strengthen your online presence striving to the customers' intent and make sure the content is consistent on the web. To add to your knowledge, many use the same in order to get information about the local businesses. And, these search queries majorly rely on the accuracy of the business listings and also on the homogeneity of a business's name, phone number (NAP) and address.

Add markup: markup assists you by adding context to the content. And, you can employ it to express relations between information,  explain the words you are using and give structure to the web pages. With mark up, you communicate with the machines via semantics instead of keywords. And, thus, you help machines in order to define the context around information for attaining useful results for users.

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