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Internet of Things [IoT] is a technology which is now quickly and effectively giving a glimpse of the future. The technology focuses on connectivity to our daily lifestyle, technical and electrical products in our home leading to an efficient and convenient living with minimum efforts. A mobile phone, an automobile, a smartwatch or any man-made object which can be assigned an IP address is a part of this technology.

The use of data in real-time to control equipment in remote locations is the feature making it special both for clients and businesses. Businesses can reap huge benefits incorporating the technology in their processes to strengthen both their internal and external connections. The possibilities of the technology are immense and touch almost every industry with a better understanding, control, comfort, and safety.

Infoicon Technologies backs itself with the team of professional developers, and the experience of over a decade delivering efficient & reliable solutions to its worldwide base of over 3000 clients. No matter the industry from biotechnology, manufacturing, medical, tourism, engineering and others, we serve our clients with the best.

IoT Lifecycle:

Before any information can be made relevant and reliable for a business, it goes through a five-step process.

Create: This deals with the collection of the data through various sensors on the devices and physical environment around.

Communicate: The collected data is transmitted to the desired destination through a network connection.

Aggregate: The devices aggregate the gathered data themselves making it easy to analyze. This can be done wither locally or can be sent to the cloud for analysis.

Analyze: This phase is characterized by the analysis and creation of general patterns to optimize the processes.

Act: Based on all the data collected, necessary and suitable information is created based on the information.


Key Features of Internet of Things Adding Value to Businesses:

Intelligence: The ambient intelligence with the combination of computation & various algorithms along with the needed software and hardware make the technology smart. These are collectively responsible for compatibility and enabling network accessibility.

Heterogeneity: The devices integrated with IoT are based on different hardware and network which need to interact with each other. These essential design requirements include modularity, scalabilities, and extensibility. The architecture allows direct network connectivity between heterogeneous networks.

Dynamic nature: With the change in devices in the physical environment, their nature also changes dynamically requiring to adjust in the particular context. It might vary like temperature, the on/off situation, speed, connection, and others. All these make it an inseparable feature to meet the changing state and nature of the devices.

Sensing: The sensors in the devices measure and record the changes to record data and can also interact with the environment. These also enable it to create capabilities reflecting the awareness of the physical world.

Superb connectivity: A simple object-level interactions enable collective intelligence of the devices in the IoT network. This pivotal interaction enables easy network accessibility and facilitate a market for smart devices and applications.

Few Applications of IoT in Various Industries:

Internet of Things in Healthcare:

One of the best examples of this technology in the healthcare sector includes incorporating it into the contact lenses. The lenses can analyze the tear of the patient and inform the doctor about their health. Google’s use of technology in the lenses can help a person check the glucose level in diabetic patients while also helping in correcting the presbyopic vision.

Industrial Internet of Things [IIOT]:

The accuracy and consistency of smart machines over humans make them desirable. The real-time information exchange will facilitate the efficiency of the supply chain by helping in picking the loopholes sooner. As per GE Electric, over the next 15 years, the improvement industry productivity will generate $10-$15 trillion in the GDP stats worldwide.

Benefits IoT can Render to a Business:

Better understanding of customers: With valuable and quality real-time insights into customer behavior, a business can understand their customers better. The business will know about the preferences and will lead to a better analysis to produce and deliver customer-specific products.

Efficient processes and increased productivity: While connected with a number of devices over the internet boosts efficient processes with the reduction in the operating costs. With increased efficiency and improved labor efficiency and reducing skills mismatch, productivity is enhanced considerably.

Better business opportunities: The companies can now not only sell their products but also bring in other revenue streams to line up with advanced business models. This might include updates, offering regular maintenance services.

If you are looking to bag all these benefits and incorporate them into your business, Infoicon Technologies can help you in getting the best for you. Get in touch with proficient developers to incorporate the Internet of Things technology in the business and pave your path for success.

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