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We are offering Microsoft Azure Web Services by making the use of which you can access a large volume of data and develop the finest applications that demand of high amount of data. These services are developed by Microsoft which is introducing a great platform for cloud computing.

This includes the IaaS and PaaS layers which support various programming languages, tools and frameworks of Microsoft or other service providers. IaaS and PaaS are the two main layers of Microsoft Azure. By the virtue of IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service) , the user can gain access to a virtual storage medium or some other . PaaS( Program as a Service) provides the tools that ease the developer in developing the application irrespective of what storage cloud they are using for it. The another layer that is uncommon is SaaS(Software as a Service) which refers to the application software.

The most popular products that arise under Microsoft Azure Services are:-

Virtual Machines:- with this service, our developer can develop your application by accessing your servers virtually and can also make changes in the existing code. This also offers an advantage that these tasks can be done on both the Linux virtual machines as well as on windows server. This comes under IaaS Layer.

App services:- this service enables the developers to build the best web and mobile apps connecting to the cloud data. You can use the development language on which you need the application to be build like Java, Dotnet, PHP, Python, etc. We are focusing to develop the mobile apps that can successfully run on Androids, iPhones, and Windows as well as the user can modify the data even though he or she is offline. This arises under PaaS Layer.

SQL Database:- with the use of this service, the user can take benefit of the SQL Database and can create and manage their data efficaciously. This database is compatible with various programming languages and you can easily look up for the desired values in this database.

Backup:- Azure backup is a trusted solution that provides tools to strengthen your cloud with proper backup and recovery options. The main focus is on making your data protective and secure so that it can be retrieved easily when it is needed.

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