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As the digital world is expanding, the threat to web and applications is also rising. We are continuously giving emphasis on security and functionalities of an application. Security testing is essential for those apps which are implementing payment gateways and E-Commerce is one of them. Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the single name behind various lucrative and secure apps. Security testing is vital for an application to ensure the confidentiality of data stays as the application demands.

While testing your software, applications or websites, Infoicon Technologies plays the role of an attacker and tries to breach your security firewalls in all possible ways by using the latest tools. This facilitates the discovery of all security related bugs. The main objective of security testing is to diagnose the different threats in your products and measure their vulnerability. It also helps in identifying different security risks and their reducing the security threats speedily.

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Our Security Testing Approach:

In our approach for testing your applications and software on the basis of security, we are fundamentally focused on performing the following testing to make your application fully secure:-

Vulnerability Scanning: We perform this scanning with automated software against discrete vulnerability parameters.

Security Scanning: We identify the potential network & system failures, and furthermore, provide quick-fix solutions for reducing the possible risks. We provide the excellent services of scanning via both Manual and Automated testing methods.

Penetration Testing: We do an analysis of your significant systems to investigate the potential vulnerabilities to different hacking attempts.

Risk Assessment: In this process of testing, we analyze the different security risks observed and categorize them as Low, Medium, and High risks. We fixate on controlling, measuring and reducing the risk.

Security Auditing: We facilitate the internal inspection of your Applications as well as Operating systems to inspect the potential security flaws. We audit your applications by inspecting their code line-by-line.

Ethical Hacking: To perform this to check if Hacking an organization’s Software systems are possible or not. This testing results in a highly-secure and protected application. In contrast to the malicious hackers who tries to break your security for illegal use, we intend to disclose the considerable security flaws in your system.

Posture Assessment: We combine the Security Scanning, Risk Assessments, and Ethical Hacking to enhance the comprehensive security of your applications.

An individual critical security defect can adversely affect your end users’ experience. Consequently, it can also put down your image and wipe out your company’s reputation in the respective business industry. We will assist you in identifying the concerned security issues before they get worst for the use of users.

We are primarily focused on preserving your CIA:-

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability

We at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., have a zealous and skilled team of security testers. They’ve hands on both open-source as well as commercial tools to perform security testing. Our practices comprise of the integration of our testing process with best methodologies such as Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Why Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for your Security Testing Requirements?

Testing sequentially according to the industry standards like OWASP.

Successful R&D, effective participation in industry conferences to reinforce the security testing practices and processes.

We work closely with you to diagnose the problematic areas and fix them as instead of only just reporting the issues.

Your security testing services, when united with our usability test environment, offer the extremely realistic testing.

Leading-edge security test efforts with a brilliant feature of reverse engineering the code when needed.

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