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Use of retail website or application is quite common now-a-days. Some applications are quite prevalent among the customers while some applications are obscure. It depends entirely on the quality of features and facilities that they provide.

If you have developed a Retail website or app for your business, then, you need to invest some money on the QA and testing of the same. This will make sure a fascinating end-user experience driving your users to shop online. When a buyer visits your retail website or app, he/she is supposed to leave the page after completing his/her their purchase. If a user is having some problems in this, then, application is not efficient and functional enough to use.

It is impractical and illogical to diagnose the potential issues in them by testing them on your end-users in real-time. It can affect your business adversely. To ensure the appropriate functioning of your mobile or web application, you are required to perform Quality Assurance and Software Testing on it. This entire process is subjected to follow certain techniques and methodologies to confirm the high-quality of the application.

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Our Features:-

PROFESSIONAL TESTERS- With the leading retail testing services, our skilled testers comes out as real shoppers to detect the potential bugs efficiently.

EXTENSIVE DOMAIN KNOWLEDGE- Our testers are familiar with the different spheres of retail business likewise Fashion, Heath, Food, Finance, etc.

MEET YOUR SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS- We strategize the test process and make it flexible according to the significant requirements of our customers.

EXCEEDING TRACK RECORD- Our Company has shown a successful track record in providing preeminent retail testing and QA services to our respective clients.

TECHNICALLY EQUIPPED- We employ latest tools to ensure your retail business turns into a successful one. We have dedicated labs to test your products entirely.

Our Approach:- 

Our retail testing services are well aimed to meet the requirements of our customers. We offer best testing solutions to the windup retail sector in a digitized bunch. Our test approach is based on the following process flow:-

Learn and gather the business requirements of the customers.

Create test strategy corresponding to significant levels.

Generation of test scenarios and dividing it into test cases.Review closely as an end-user in the test approach.Recurrently execute test cycles.

Our Retails Testing Services Comprises of:

Compatibility Testing

ETL Testing

Functional Testing

Mobility Testing

Payment Transaction Testing

Usability Testing

Based on extensively acquired experience, Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has developed a structured methodology for testing Retail based digital essences and employed dedicated tools to test the data individually as well as comprehensively. Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. clearly understands the customer’s perception and makes the best efforts to ensure the seamless operation of a retail system.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has shown its remarks of excellence in Retail Testing & QA by providing services from the best talent pool, latest technology, and streamlined the testing process for key players in the retail industry. We have developed best practices for our customers. Our testing services are paramount across the world. Our team is outfitted with the finest and legitimate skills. Our QA team has exceptional domain expertise and phenomenal business knowledge.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been enriched with the gilt-edge resources. Our team performs exceptionally well with the test automation tools and delivers the results in shortest possible time frame. Most of our contented users have reviewed and recommended us on the behalf of the exquisite work that we have done for them. We possess perfect skills, resource, and tools/methodologies to accomplish QA and testing process as sleek as possible. Our Testing Services are the ideal solution for which you are looking for in order to satisfy your unique requirements.

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