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VPN - Virtual Private Network

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is providing leading VPN services that are equipped with secure and encrypted VPN tunnels. It creates several layers of security and privacy to provide you a safe internet access. Multiple gateways and VPN tunnel accessing across various countries empower our Virtual Private Network Services.

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a network connection that can be accessed remotely by the user. It is subjected to manage the security of a network connection that can be accessed from any remote location. It ensures the secure transmission of data including voice, video and textual information from clients to the VPN Servers. It is focused towards encrypting the data during the sending and receiving procedures. The finest features of using a Virtual Private Network are: -

Certified Connections

Data Encapsulation


Tunneling Protocols

All of these features strengthens the connection by making it exceptionally secure. The protection of a corporate network is highly essential to ensure the entire security of a connection. In technical terms, a VPN provides its users all the advantages of a LAN (Local Area Network) which is typically employed in various offices. There is no need of hard-wiring in VPN in contrast to the LAN.

The earlier application of a Virtual Private Network comprises of providing employees of a company, a secure remote access to the company’s network. This led to the rise of the name “Virtual Private Network”. It facilitated the maintenance of security of the company from unauthorized or illegal use. It made the employees of the company share and use information within the network of the company.

Types of VPNs Provided by Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

Here, at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we provide the following Virtual Private Networks according to the difference in their architecture, intent to use, and accessibility. Basically, there are two basic types of accessibility provided to the users namely, site-to-site VPN and remote access VPN.

Site-to-Site VPNs are usually employed in the corporate organizations. It ensures the secure and encrypted connection of two or more LANs (Local Area Networks). Or you can say that the two offices which are geographically apart from each other can be connected together virtually in a single LAN to share the information as well as resources.

Remote Access VPNs are used to connect a single and independent user to a private network. It can be further categorized into the following: -

Corporate VPNs enables business travelers as well as telecommuters to commute with their company networks. It facilitates the access of network remotely for the resources and other services on it.

Personal VPNs are personalized towards using the private network to get the access of private resources. It is more focused towards maintaining the privacy of the users. In the recent times, people make use of personal VPN to browse the web anonymously and to secure the browsing sessions with encryption.

Now-a-days, to make a choice for a legitimate VPN service provider is a cumbersome task as there are numerous vendors making commitment of providing the best VPN services. The features that differentiate us from the other service providers are: -

Our attractive plans.

High-Security endurance.

Timely support from the technical engineers.

We employ Advanced Technology and tools.

Convenient Resource Sharing.

Full Encryption of data.

There is a strong need of VPN to enhance the online privacy of the network, make the browsing sessions secure, and flawless access to the websites or content that are restricted typically.

Get the best solutions for your unique VPN requirements from Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and simplify, protect and customize your corporate or private networks. Your network is an important asset of your company. It is the key to all your information and organizational strategies. Let us make it defended and efficient with the leading-edge virtual networking solutions.

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