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Technology has transformed the ways that people were used to of doing conventionally. In the previous times, we use to book a taxi at least one month prior to the date of commencement of the journey. Sometimes, we had to wait for it at the taxi stand for a long time. But now, things are changed. The pioneers can book a taxi in a few minutes with online TAXI Booking apps to reach their destinations. The credit of this goes to the technologies that are developed by IT professionals to simplify the tasks of the common people. The technology has made several businesses to grow and helped them to serve people the advanced services for their significant requirements.

Online TAXI Booking Apps are supposed to do a bang of jobs. Some of them are mentioned below:-

Features For the Customers:- 

Quick Booking:- The customers can book a taxi at any instant of time. The taxi will be at their place in a fixed duration of time as committed by the company which is providing online Taxi booking services. Our app is efficient enough to acknowledge the customers dynamically about the bookings and it updates instantly when a booking is made into the database.

Prompt Tracking:- With this feature, the customers can track the location of the taxi which he/she has booked in the real time. It helps the commuter to guess the expected time of the arrival of the taxi to the determined destination. He/she can plan the schedule of the departure according to that.

Customized Taxi Booking:- A customer looks for flexibility for an easy-going process. This feature in our Online TAXI Booking Apps is intends to satisfy the customized requirements of the users. The users can book a taxi according to their specific requirements. They can book an AC/NON-AC taxi, a big/small taxi, or even if they are out of station where they cannot access the localized taxi services, they can make a request for a taxi from that place.

Driver Information:- From a security perspective, the customer can catch a glimpse of the Driver’s personal details and identification proofs. They can also access his phone number and the details of the taxi which they have booked.

Easy Payment:- The secure and hassle free online payment options in the app makes it the first choice of the customers. The payment in our Online TAXI Booking App can be made via the common methods such as Paytm, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Paymentwall, Maestro, Google Wallet, American Express, etc.

Features For the Drivers:-

Register:- Drivers can register themselves to get started with the taxi bookings. Although, they also need to clear some authentication formalities. After completing the formalities, their profile will be approved and visible to the customers. The admin of the App has the control top activate and deactivate the profiles of the drivers.

Booking:- The feature of approving and disapproving the bookings made by the customers only within the 15 seconds prior to the commencement of online booking. A location map with the destination point will be displayed on driver’s phone and the map will update according to the GPRS locator.

Booking Details:- The driver can view the booking details and booking history clearly.

To provide a feature rich application is our main aim at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Our Online TAXI Booking App is the best solution for the unique requirements of your taxi business. It is the comprehensive solution that unifies the travel industry in a bunch. Avail this exquisite solution - Online TAXI Booking App from us and get started with your online taxi business now.

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