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Build Seamless Mobile Application Using React Native and Get Swift, Efficient and Highly Scalable Productivity

React Native allows creators to build truly native mobile applications using JavaScript. Particularly, the developer would need to program mobile app on Java (for Android) and Swift/Obj-c (for iOS). But, React Native takes a different approach- it uses the native components found in iOS and Android. Which less the time, effort, and money by using just one coding language. Web developers can now write for mobile apps that seem to be truly native. The Java code can be shared with other platforms by rendering on React Native. One team can maintain two platforms and share a common technology- React.

Know What React Native is and How it Work?

React Native philosophy is to learn once, write anywhere! Earlier, features implemented in Swift for iOS app development had to be implemented separately in Java for Android. This leads to work duplication and asymmetrical apps. Gratefully, React Native has deftly resolved that problem.

Giving utterance to React native, the purpose of developing this framework is to facilitate the creation of mobile apps. In simple words, you can code in JavaScrip and render in both Android and iOS apps platforms- it makes work and life easier.

As React, React Native works on the coding uses of a mixture of JavaScript and XML (esque markup), popularly known as JSX. Which further involves native rendering APIs in Objective-C (particularly for iOS) or Jave (for Android). At run time, it uses native components on the cosponsoring platform like Android.view, Uiview, div. It's a better approach to building three apps for the price of one.

This framework performs almost the same as a native app built for both mobile app platforms. It offers developers to see the immediate changes they have made to the code. With live reloading" or "hot reloading, it helps preview the window simultaneously. React Native also exposes JaveScript interfaces for platform API, so your React Native apps can access features like device phone, push notification, and location.

You can use react native to build a complete app integrated with existing Android and iOS apps. Currently, it supports iOS and Android and is likely to expand in the near future. With using a single codebase, developers can now create truly native apps that don't compromise the users' experiences.

Why Should You Choose Us?

React Native is rising in popularity as a convenient solution to build seamless cross-platform mobile apps with less strain on your budget. At Infoicon Technologies, we are a team of enthusiastic and hard-working developers. Our developers have extensive domain expertise to deliver cutting-edge technology and end-to-end services. We have a long history of developing feature-rich applications for clients across the globe.

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