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There is a customer relationship management application which is known as SugarCRM.

There are three versions of this application which are Sugar Open Source, Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Professional. The Sugar Open Source version also contains functionalities of the commercial versions. SugarCRM have great benefits in the field of efficient management of the customer relationships and its value is also being recognised by most of the medium sized and large companies too.

In order to increase the operational efficiency, productivity of customer support services, the inside sales and to streamline the inside functions, the company needs to implement SugarCRM.

The Sugar Open Source version can be utilised by customising it to meet the ends. Infoicon Technologies can also be utilised in building of a powerful CRM application with some selected features at a very low cost. Our SugarCRM development team has worked for global clients over simple as well as complex projects and assignments with the expertise in PHP, MySQL, Apache and Linux.

For the purpose of better customer relationship management, Infoicon Technologies offers customisation services, SugarCRM development and complete integration services. To carter the expectations and requirements, the application can be accordingly moulded with the size of business weather it's big or small.

SugarCRM is an application rich of features that enables your company to automate activities linked to customers as well as customer relationships in a more organized way. The features of SugarCRM include the following: 

  • Customer SupportWith the help of this the details of all customer interactions can be viewed, customer issues can be tracked as well as be monitored and the responses can also be evaluated by the managers. Some features are also building up in the solution which are issue and bug escalation.
  • Sales Management: Data can be stored, shared and tracked in the organisation by the managers. Features to track and manage sales leads, opportunities and deal progress resulting in increased productivity in sales management module. It also has options to view and store the details of the customers hence helps in the improvement of cross selling and up selling opportunities. Sales managers are able to define the teams, analyse the teams, effectiveness of the teams could also be monitored as well as the sales leads can also be assigned.
  •  Marketing Management:Multiple marketing campaigns can be created and tracked by the managers. Leads generated from the campaigns can also be captured and then categorised accordingly with the various attributes and then these tasks can be assigned to the sales representatives.
  • Reporting:The activities and performance can be effectively monitored which helps in the generation of statistical reports in detail. Detailed analysis can be viewed when the reports are being drilled down. Support can be provided for real time analysis in the way of reports, charts, performances and graphs.

Additionally, SugarCRM includes the following features and functionalities:

  • Multiple language support is being provided.
  • Extensive document management functionalities can also be provided which enables the creation of a centralised document repository where documents can be shared, organised and stored.
  • Safety and security features allow the creation of different access levels and user roles in order to restrict access
  • Sugar Studio the administration module of SugarCRM can be used to perform system maintenance and administration tasks such as defining workflows, alerts, customizing form fields etc
  • Integrated RSS feeds are also being included in SugarCRM which enables the users to view the specified content.
  • The preferences can be set by the users and the display can be customised and the layout can also be set for the various interfaces of the application.
  • Support for offline synchronisation can also be provided where the users can also work offline and the data can also be updated where the network can also be connected.
  • Discussion Forums can be integrated with the solution enabling users to easily share and exchange information on any topic
  • Plug-ins for Microsoft Word could be included which enables the SugarCRM data to be accessed and it can be further used in letters etc.

Why use Infoicon Technologies for SugarCRM customization and implementation? We have the web development professionals who have considerable surplus and exhaustive experience and we can also provide you with an application that is being looked forward to by working with us.

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