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One can find millions of ways to define an enterprise resource planning system.

But for us it is the basic accounting oriented information system for identifying and planning the enterprise-wide resources to design, approach and account for customer orders. At Infoicon Technologies, the customers can find tremendous attempts of consolidation of all departments and functions into a single computer system that services each department’s specific needs.

In a way, the ERP customized services are basically a convergence of people, hardware, and software into an efficient production, service, and delivery system that creates profit for the company.

We at Infoicon, bring the most efficient assistance of ERP solutions in collaboration with OpenERP and ERPNext for the most beguiling results in enterprise management. OpenERP brings the essential platform for project management where things are better organized and are more visible for all.

Whereas, ERPNext is a cost-effective ERP solution to run your business by using OnDemand, Software-As-A-Service platform. ERPNext offers modules like accounting, sales, purchase, inventory, human resource, projects, production & maintenance for most of the business processes.

Why ERP with Infoicon?

During 1960/70, separate systems were being maintained for traditional business functions like Sales & Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management. These systems were often incongruent, hosted in different databases and required batch updates. It was difficult to manage business processes across business functions e.g. procurement to pay and sales to cash functions. We bring the most cost-effective ERP system to replace the Pandora box of information by integrating these traditional business functions in a quite processing manner which is truly result-oriented.

Advantages of customized ERP Solutions:

  • Business integration and Improved Data Accuracy
  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity
  • Flexibility and technology
  • Planning and MIS
  • Establishment of Standardized Procedures
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