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If you think that you have a lot of competitors on the Internet and you have to strive a lot to show the presence, then it is easy now.

There is an innovative technology introduced, this is custom software development. Custom software development helps you to achieve your dreams.Infoicon Technologies is a well renowned custom software development company situated in India, helping you to meet the requirements of your business. The main aim of our company is to meet the preference of the customer. For this certain steps starting from product idea to customizing software solutions are followed. Custom software development focuses on the deep knowledge of the requirements of the customer. Then emphasis is laid on business needs of the client so that innovative decisions can be taken which helps in the successful software customization services.Infoicon Technologies aims to their professional expertise of customer development software services to their optimum usage. The clients are being well treated, cooperated and coordinated with their efficient and experienced IT professionals. The source of strength of this company is their experience across the industry.

Infoicon Technologies' Custom Software Development unit primarily focuses on following core areas:

  • Custom application development
  • Migration and porting
  • Testing and maintenance

Nowadays, the companies handle a lot of projects at a time so they need to meet the deadlines at the right time. Hence, a lot of complexities arise. The solution to this is offshore custom software development. Infoicon Technologies is a renowned company for custom software development and is well reputed for managing its large client base. It also provides the best quality solutions.

Why choose Infoicon Technologies for outsourcing/ offshore Software Development?

  • Competitive prices are being offered by us due to our offshore software development centre.
  • Strong software development experience across race technologies.
  • ISO 9001 product quality.
  • Years of experience and strong domain knowledge.
  • Various offices across the world as well as perfect fit for outsourcing.
  • There are more than 100 experienced IT professionals

The services of Infoicon Technologies group include the following:

  • Database design
  • Software development
  • Software design
  • Business software
  • IT consulting
  • Computer programming
  • Database development
  • Software outsourcing

Database Applications

In this multi user enterprise wide systems as well as individual interface small systems are also maintained. Infoicon Technologies is very experienced in designing an integrated and responsive database application solution which includes functionality, analysis as well as reporting capabilities interfacing with existing applications.

Web based applications

From intranets which are being designed for internal information management to functional service portals, this company is highly skilled in designing e-business solutions which enables you to optimize the power of web based technology, also with the remote office and used access solutions.

Data services

infoicon Technologies focuses attention on a wide range of data services product from analysis as well as reporting to conversion, mining, extraction and repair. Database utilization can also be enhanced for other high-level tasks also such as reporting of management, marketing and statistical analysis.

Infoicon Technologies Software Development Equates To Low Overhead

Infoicon Technologies helps in reducing the common overheads which are associated with offshore outsourcing of custom business application development in the following ways:

  • Efficiency: a short time to market delivery is generally taken by custom software development by services and production processes by reducing the total cost.
  • Predictability: we have a fixed-price quote and the estimation of production ensures that the production is of quality as well as adds value in the custom software solutions
  • It also ensures that there is effective communication with the professional and client interface.

Our Commitment

We clearly understand the needs of our customers, the sophisticated security needs and continuity in support that directly ensures the long-term survival of the organization.

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