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The purpose of the introduction of web components was to allow users to construct their own bespoke HTML elements. It provides various advantages while programming, including reusability and isolated scope enabling libraries to function without competing with one another. The only disadvantage is that it does not support all browsers. This is when Polymer Framework, which was designed as a polyfill, added support for web components. The sole goal of developing this framework was to generate reusable complements that are simple to use.

Polymer is a JavaScript toolkit that enables the usage of all key Web Component technologies to construct custom components with simplicity and clarity. The custom element fills in the blanks because it can solve any problem that HTML cannot. Essentially, reusing HTML components for constructing apps is feasible with polymer. This framework aids in the creation of web pages and web apps for clients.

The goal of the Polymer Framework is to create custom web components that are compliant with the most recent W3C standards. These components also help to reduce the complexity of the tooling required to construct modern web apps. By outsourcing much of the work to browsers, they enable lighter libraries and speedier apps.

The Benefits That Polymer Framework Brings:

Concluding from the above, it provides support in the creation of custom web components. It bridges the gap between browsers that can't support web components and promotes cross-browser compatibility. Due to the flexibility of handling gesture events well, it is a good choice to develop mobile as well as computer applications. Moreover, it enables an easy and swift solution for mobile application development. This framework also supports data binding both in one-way and two-way, which further makes the process simpler. Other benefits include providing a polymer command-line interface to manage complex projects.

The Strength of Polymer Framework:

Since the polymer is compatible with upcoming W3C standards, it provides longevity to apps. Being easy to use, learn, and teach allows onboarding new team members without a hitch. Through the assistance of this framework, any function done by HTML, CSS, or JavaScript can be made into a portable, reusable web component. Considering Polymer to compose web components streamline the process for developers, resulting in development being less expensive for clients.

In addition, applications built using web components are easy to break into modular pieces. It means they're easy to understand, scale, and refactor. What makes Polymer more interesting is that it helps create fast, responsive websites. Besides, it's three times faster on Chrome and four times faster on Safari.

Applications of Polymer framework:

Application development using polymer best suits the requirements for entirely modular software with the flexibility to change layouts dependent on the needs of the customer. Some large corporations have requested that this framework be used for web application development. Polymer is used in the majority of Google properties and websites. Google Earth (redesigned), YouTube Web, Google Translate, and Google Music are all examples.


The updated version of the Polymer Framework has grown more interoperable, which offers a plethora of advantages. As the popularity of web components rises, an increasing number of developers and clients become aware that this framework has a significant role in obtaining the best

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