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A GIS- Geographical Information System is a framework built with multiple layers of elements to create a complete and realistic image of a place. It contrasts by capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to the position on the Earth's surface. With the help of spatial patterns and relationships, a structure is created that contains all the information that the place has. It can be expressed in several categories, such as latitude and longitude, address, or zip code. Also, it accommodates data related to activities that receive, process, distribute, use, maintain, and protect spatial data.

The technology used in the spatial pattern allows to create a comprehensive image of a particular area of the earth. For which data is sourced from many places and then combined to create a map of the city or any particular place. A complete model was created which in holding Data, Data Presentation and Data Integration. Which further incorporate locations, attributes, cartographic symbology, pyramiding and LOD, topographic relationships and spatial analysis.

It consists of all types of information which further helps organizations or individuals to develop programs and create strategy accordingly. It may have data on the landscape, such as the location of streams, various types of vegetation and kind of soil. Withal, it can include information about the farms, factories, schools, roads, drain holes, gas pipelines, and electric power lines. Else, with the GIS technology, one can discover and identify different thing related to their area of focus. Therefore, it can’t be wrong to say that GIS is robust technology to provide and analyze different geographic contexts or to draw general conclusions.

Its Features:

The technology is available with both hardware and software system which allows to manage things more easily. In its application one can see information in several formats such as cartography, photography and digital data, and spreadsheets. As we talk about Cartographic data, it is in a map format image includes details of rivers, roads, hills and valleys. In addition, Photographic analyzing images taken from aerial shot and further evaluate the features that appears and create a data. Along with this, Digital data present information by collecting data from satellites that show complete basic maps- green area, land, water areas and towns. Furthermore, Remote sensing also has a significant role and provides images and other data captured from drones, balloons and satellites. In conclusion, GIS also includes data on spreadsheet form, which includes the information of infrastructure demographics of a particular area. That can be the length of road, number of rivers, water supply connection or link routine.

Its Role:

A geographic Information System allows users to read and evaluate the information about specific areas on a map. User can select a sport on a digital map to access its information stored in the GIS model. For instance, a person can look at the precise detail of a place, by just clicking on a particular place, you can find out how many people are there at market and what all shops are there. Basically, we can say that GIS technology allow users to dig a little deeper in order to get out information. It is too precise that, people can even find the movement of fluid in the ocean or air currents to identify better about a geographical study.


The interesting part of this technology is that it produce 3-D image which is accommodating in manner to identify any natural disaster. GIS program can be used for scientific investigation, development & planning and resources management. Users can compare population to resources and plan a new setup for their market. It can be used at various places, it can also help to track animal migration pattern, city or state officials use strategies in the case of an earthquake or flood. Moreover, it can also be used to navigate the safe location for emergency shelter and routes people should take to reach safely.

Be a little more specific, engineers do use GIS technology to design, implementation, and management of communication networks for the phones. Civil engineers may use GIS to develop road networks and transportation infrastructure. As broad as we can say on this, there is no such boundary to analyze information using GIS technology.

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