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The migration of user’s interest from computers to various hand held mobile devices has boosted the usage of mobile applications. Diverse mobile applications are adopted by the android, iPhone and tablet users to simplify their day-to-day undertakings. People are a great fond of these applications and hooked with them. Applications for numerous platforms like E-commerce, Social Networking, personal and business are running after one another. It is obligatory to own your mobile application for a business holder. For this reason, a lot of mobile applications are being developed by tech-savvies to keep this mobile boom on and on. A mobile application demands to get entirely tested before arising in the competitive market.

Mobile App Testing refers to a procedure in which the application is tested for its functionality, consistency, and usability. It is optional to use manual testing or automation testing for the same. Manual testing is executed over moderate mobile applications whereas the automation testing is performed on broad mobile applications. The functioning of the mobile applications are tested to ensure its cross-platform seamless execution.

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Fundamental Challenges in Our Mobile App Testing

Diverse Mobile Devices:- The mobile app is tested across varied mobile devices- Smartphone , iPhone, tablets, etc for their functionality to set out a high-quality application.

Execution on Various Mobile Operating Systems:- The application is tested on all the leading operating systems employed in mobiles. A few of them are android, iOS, windows phones, and Symbian.

Device Availability:- Its a considerable challenge to test your application on each mobile device. But, we left no stone unturned in accomplishing this task to deliver a quality-rich mobile app to our customers.

Appointing a Legitimate Testing Strategy:- We execute a significant testing procedure- highly capable in inspecting all defects and bugs in your mobile app.

We perform mobile manual testing on iOS and Android apps in addition to the mobile automation for iOS and Android, using various automation tools from our technical hub. Our test strategy majorly comprises of Making a test plan, test metrics, test results, test strategy, and test cases. We focus on testing your deliverable for the custom features.

Benefits of Our Mobile App Testing Services

Accelerated Services:- Our services are velocious as we initiate the testing process at the moment you invest in our testing services. We employ mobile test accelerators to reduce the test cycles and speed up the testing.

Inventory for More Than Hundred Mobile Devices in Our Dedicated Labs:- We test applications in our dedicated labs comprising of more than hundred mobile devices. This is a vital part of mobile app testing as the indefectible functionality of the application on discrete mobile devices ensures its quality essence.

Outlined Test Plan:- The testing for mobile apps is variant from websites testing. The test plan for a mobile app testing at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is also distinctive. Our test plan for mobile app testing overlays all aspects of quality standards.

Testing on Discrete Operating Systems:-

We perform QA for mobile apps by testing your application on all the preeminent operating systems .

  • Android (operating system)
  • iOS (originally iPhone OS)
  • Symbian
  • Windows Phone (WP)
  • BlackBerry

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers preeminent mobile testing services for both functional as well as non-functional testing of your mobile applications. Over decouple years of experience in mobile testing for different domains like as Banking, Insurance, Retail and Travel leveraging leading-edge industry tools and finest practices. Our Mobile Center consists of over 100+ test architects and engineers with over 70% of them possessing certifications in mobile testing.

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