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In this Digital Era, the performance of an application or website or software is as crucial as its functional efficiency. End-users expects the equitable information availability on a few clicks and this leads to a reliable and amazing user experience. One of the troublesome challenges that an organization faces today involves attaining and managing their business applications at standardized and active performance levels. Without an impressive methodology for anticipating system behavior and its performance in the real scenarios is will not be satisfactory.

If you are seeking for leading Performance Testing Services in the market, then, you’ve reached the right place. Our Services are outlined to meet your specific needs at different stages of SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) to resolve the potential performance defects initially in your project's development phase of its lifecycle. We’ve attained a substantial amount of expertise in performance testing in various applications, technologies, and business domains.

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Our Prominent Features:-

Exquisite frameworks to expedite the testing process.

Customized performance tools packed with finest capabilities to successfully execute stress, load, and scalability testing on your applications irrespective of what architecture you are using.

Protracted expertise in handling databases, transaction systems of high volume, and relevant technologies. Comprehensive performance analysis to continuously improve your product’s performance.

Customized capacity planning. Profound expertise in open-source tools.

We are equipped with a well-furnished Performance Testing Lab to measure your product’s performance on various loads.

Our performance testers clearly understand the technicalities of systems, networks along with software architectures.We penetrate into your software systems to diagnose bottleneck of your application. We work directly with the developers to enhance tests performance.With an expanded list of performance testing tools (open source), choosing the right tool set is a tough task that needs to do perfectly. We provide plentiful assistance to our customers to help identify the legitimate approach for their significant performance testing requirements.

Some of the popular tools we employ are:-

  • Grinder
  • jMeter
  • Load Runner
  • OpenSTA
  • Rational Performance Tester
  • Silk PerformerWebLoad

What We Will Perform:-

Load Testing: - In this process, we model the expected usage of your software products by simulating multiple users accessing your application program concurrently and then measuring its response.

Volume Testing: - We test an application or software with a specific amount of data. Here, the specific amount refers to the generic database size or the size of an interface file that is subjected to be volume tested.

Stress Testing: - Our objective for doing Stress testing is to check the stability of your applications. We test them beyond normal operational capacity, or you can refer it as a breaking point.

Fail-over Testing: - You’ve sometimes heard from your mother “Are you OK”? When you carry some extra loads with you. This is what we do here. We verify the working mechanism of your application under situations of the load.

Endurance/Soak Testing: - We conduct this testing over an extended period of time to disclose the resource usage problems like as memory leaks.

We can assist you in determining the finest approach and methodologies for performance testing and validation of your exclusive and complex software projects. Our Performance testing services are furnished with the required skill set to enhance end user's experience under dynamic traffic and different load conditions.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides a complete range of performance and load testing solutions to its esteemed customers using an extended range of Frameworks. Our culminating Performance testing Services are designed to meet your specific needs.

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