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Automation Testing

The development team tests the software application before delivering it to their respective clients. Most probably, there are strong possibilities that the system will face lapses once the end-user makes use of it. Have your ever had a thought on how your application software will behave under unfavorable conditions such as on extreme load, technical failures, etc. ? You need to think a bit on it before making your web or software applications live.

Here arises the need for automation testing. Automation Testing or Test automation facilitates the increase in the performance and efficiency of software. It focuses on giving a high coverage performance free from defects and bugs. It ensures accurate and precise software solutions.

We provide leading and advanced automation testing solutions to accelerate your business growth. Our automation testers will test your developed software before releasing it for the end-users. Our Test automation procedures automate the testing process to speed-up the process and to make it steadfast. We focus on increasing the performance of your web or software application.

Automation Testing

Our Testing strategy comprises of automation of test cases and making test reports by comparing the actual, functionality and performance of the application or website with its expected ones. The main objective of our distinctive Automated testing services is to reduce the number of test cases and to make your application work efficiently. This tool facilitates the accurate recording and reporting of bugs.

Why Infoicon Technologies for your Test Automation Requirements?

In our prolonged experience of providing testing services, we’ve understood for what a user looks at a website or software. We’ve worked on separate test automation models to deliver customized solution to satisfy your significant requirements.

Successful investments in R&D associated with automation enable us to provide you front line tools to boost our test coverage.

A dedicated team of testers and numerous tech labs to gain perfection.

Why You Should You Go For Automation Testing?

The use of the hybrid and advanced technologies is quite common in order to keep a pace in the advanced tech world. Tech-gigs are coming up with recent technologies day-by-day to simplify the tasks of users. Automation testing is an enormous field exploring the finest testing platforms to refine the generous testing techniques employed by the testers. Functions in this procedure are performed smoothly and here are some reasons to justify this:-

Automation testing is a quick as well as a comprehensive approach.

It reduces the usage of manual work and in turn, reduces the cost.

Automation streamlines software processes by following the same steps for a given test case to reproduce a defect.

Repeatability or test-retest reliability feature of testing allows the testers to execute a similar testing process on a significant set of test cases.

It streamlines the testing process and boosts its efficiency.

Performance, load, stress and regression testing can be performed seamlessly.

It is more reliable as it leaves no place for blunders.

From Our Technical Hub:-

We are acquiring hands-on experience with undermentioned leading software testing tools:-

Functional Testing ToolsLoad Testing ToolsTest Management ToolsBug Tracking Tools
SeleniumJmeterHP Quality Center/ALMBugzilla
SoapuiFunkLoadQA CompleteJira
WatirWebLOAD ProfessionalTestuffLean Testing
HTTP::RecorderHP LoadRunnerSMARTSMantis:
WatiNLoadStormQAS.TCS (Test Case Studio)Trac
Canoo WebTestNeoLoadPractiTestRedmine:
WebcorderLoadtracerTest Manager AdaptorsFogBugz
SolexForecastSpiraTestIBM Rational ClearQuest
ImprimaturANTS – Advanced .NET Testing SystemTestLogZoho bug trackerThe
SAMIEvPerformerDevTestBug Genie
SweteWebserver Stress ToolqTestBugHost:
WETLoad ImpactZephyr:BugNET
Test CollabeTraxis

TestFLO for JIRABontQ







HP ALM/Quality center





Silk Central

IBM Rational Quality Manager
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