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A highly efficient Cinema Booking System is provided by Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to make the task of ticket booking online easier and sleek. With this system, the customers can book movie tickets online. Additionally, they can gather the reviews and other important information related to the movie with this comprehensive software solution.

Features in the Cinema Booking System is provided by Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Login and Sign Up:- Taking the security of the users into consideration, we have made it mandatory for the new users to Sign Up before using the system. The existing users can Login with their previous credentials.

Latest Shows and Events:- The app will display the latest movies, show, and events that are active on the cinema screen recently. You can add or remove into the list according to your business scenarios.

Cinema Availability:- With this system, the users can check whether the movies that they wish to watch are available in the nearby cinema houses or not.

Seat Availability:- Our software solution allows the users to check for your preferable seats of your favorite movie show. The vacant seats are displayed as green while the occupied ones are highlighted with red color.

Push Notifications:- The updates of the latest offers, discount, vouchers, and coupons will be sent to the customer's phone via SMS and emails to let them connected with the cinema.

Easy Payment Options:- For a hassle free ticket booking procedure, we have employed the finest as well as highly secure online payment options. The customers can pay via Credit card/debit card easily.

E-receipt Generation:- To let our customers enriched with the best features, our Cinema Booking System generates an E-ticket and send it to the customers email Id and via SMS too. On entering into the cinema, the customer needs to show that E-ticket on the entrance.

This software is all about the cinema, movies and theaters that are the common medium of entertainment for the people nowadays. We have taken into account all the requisite of your unique business and your customers while making this competent application. This software is tested a number of times by our software testing team and after the rigorous testing, we are now extensively sure and happy in delivering this powerful solution. Our developers have customized this application to make it custom-fit according to your specific requirements. This cinema booking system is adaptable to the changes. If you wish to have some changes according to your unique requisites, then, the system can easily adapt to the desired changes. It will not affect the working of other functions of the system. You can request a demo from our team and can also get it customized with according to your requisites.

To please your customers with a seamless application experience is our main aim at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We don’t know whether your customers will like the movie or not. But, we are extremely sure that they are going to like this comprehensive cinema booking solution. We have developed similar software solutions for many of our trusted customers and they are immensely happy with our cost-effective solutions.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is the hub of the leading edge technology and tools which our software developers employ to build economical and powerful software. We leave no stone unturned in fulfilling the requirements of our customers. You can view our extensive portfolio before buying this cinema booking system. We hope that you will get an idea of our work precisely.

Our Cinema booking software will carry out all your business procedures systematically and will also facilitate its growth.

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