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Symfony is an open-source full-stack PHP framework developed for web applications. It was created to reduce maintenance and creation time for applications and avoid repetitive tasks. Also, it has become the landmark of good practices and inspiration not only for other PHP-powered projects, but also frameworks made with other languages.

In addition, it contains reusable components and PHP libraries. Routing, users and security, validations, etc are all the repetitive work experts do on a web project, Symfony solves all that, so the project can be easily handled. It does not come with an admin panel because the main purpose is to solve basic problems, and the implementation.

In simple words, the Symfony framework is simple to use thanks to its programming method, code readability, and clean design. Developers may concentrate on application logic rather than waste time writing endless XML configuration files. Symfony may be used to design enterprise-ready apps since it allows developers to test, debug, and document projects while also allowing them complete control over configuration and modification - from the directory structure to the foreign libraries.

 Symfony - Features Summary

  • It is created to optimize the development of web applications, grows in feature with every release. The main goal is to shorten the development time of complex web applications and automate common tasks so that developers can pay attention to the specificities of an application.
  • Symfony is a database engine-independent PHP framework that creates readable code with phpDocumentor comments and is simple to install and set up. This MVC framework is easy to modify, comes with Propel plugins, and can be used with additional vendor libraries.
  • Developers can benefit from the inbuilt internationalization layer allowing interface and data translation & content localization. Thus, reduce the amount of functions calls. Applications built on Symfony are all supporting out escaping, which protects them from attacks via corrupted data.

Symfony – a flexible PHP solution for your company

The team of programmers developing solutions for the firms can considerably shorten the time it takes to develop the application or make it easier to modify the code and add new functions to existing solutions by utilizing Symfony. Its many benefits include flexibility, which allows programmers to design precisely customized solutions tailored to the company's demands.

By using this framework, programmers can build complex and modern websites, as well as scalable web apps. It is the best technology because it is flexible and has the ability to easily modify or develop the created code.

Ease of code testing

Testing code is extremely important because code development carries the risk of creating bugs. When using this framework, the programmer has access to a debugging panel that displays information related to the work being done on the website, making problem discovery and correction easier and faster. Because it comes with built-in testing tools, Symfony makes it simple to write and test code. It is feasible to create software in accordance with the goals of Test-Driven Development thanks to these (TDD).

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