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Socializing will be become easier with Metaverse! Having a long-distance meeting and commuting used to come with all sorts of limitations. With metaverse, it looks more realistic and accurate representation of each person in the virtual space, the sense of presence feels utterly akin to a real meeting. You can see and experience the other person's facial expressions and body language. Metaverse creates a virtual world where you can teleport around to do things you actually do in the real world. The technology used in the creation is the subtle way we communicate that's today's technology quite not deliver.

By creating 'Avatar' that's how you are going to represent yourselves in the Metaverse. However, it isn't new to the world, but Facebook's Metaverse takes it to a wholly different dimension. Facebook's metaverse is going to feature Hyper-realistic 3D avatars that use artificial intelligence, sophisticated modeling techniques, and electromyography to accurately render human features and movements in a virtual space. It makes you move freely and gives you a fundamentally different experience from the starting screen. This quality of physically embodies are able to interact with the world and more around the world. These avatars are still in the research phase and promise to debut in a few years down the line.

Basically, the avatars are a profile picture instead of a static image that gives a 3D representation of you, making interaction much richer. There are different avatars to make your communication more interesting. Photo-realistic avatar, a stylized one for your hangout, maybe a fantasy one for gaming, and so more. You can choose your type for a different purpose to make the engagement more interactive and towards. The word avatar came from Sanskrit literature which literally means "descent." It refers to the descent of divinity from heaven to earth and is typically used to describe an incarnation. Choose from enormous options to make create your look, also you can change your appearance anytime. All these are super easy with Facebook metaverse.

Importantly, you should be able to bring your avatar and digital items across different applications and experiences in the metaverse. There, you will get an entire wardrobe of virtual clothes for different occasions created or designed by different creators.

Beyond this, you can travel anywhere, enjoy your favorite singer concerts, play games, dance and so more without actually commuting there. Also, you can shop virtually, you should be able to experience everything as of buying physically. Just by sitting at your home comfort, you can shop on Paris street, Las Vegas, or anywhere you would like to. It all makes everything effortless and seamless. Significantly, you can bring things from the physical world to metaverse that can be represented digitally- you name it, and it's all there.

Metaverse also brings you your home space. All you have to put on your glasses and VR headset, you will instantly be at your beautiful home. Enjoy the beauty around and the comfort as well. You can design the home interior you want. Put pictures, videos and store digital goods. Invite people into your space virtually, create an office all with a gesture or communicate with devices. It's also going to take ecosystem building, norm settings, and new forms of governance that all happen in the coming years.

Despite this, Facebook's metaverse also ensures the privacy and safety of the users. You can block anyone who is trying to interrupt in your space, you can decide when you want to be with others, take a break and teleport to a private bubble to be alone. Everything for safety and privacy is there from day one.

Creators who are ready, capable and creative can capitalize on the emerging opportunity by metaverse.

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