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Infoicon Technologies provides the services of the Offshore Development Center (ODC).

It is an effective community of software engineers who harmonize your in-house staff distantly and act as requisite by your project requirements and business requirements. ODC can carry out a variety of services linked to software development life cycle.

 How to work with ODC

The process of engagement with ODC is very easy. You communicate us your supplies and wishes concerning the work to be done. Jointly with you, we describe the scheme metrics and tailor up the team of software engineers. ODC starts its effort. Thus, for a permanent (as agreed upon) period, you have personnel resources and technical infrastructure at your clearance.

 Benefits of working with ODC: 

  • Reduced examine costs as compared with onsite development companies
  • Free to talk and choose appropriate skills to get together your project requirements
  • Full manage over the project run, ability to manage it dynamically
  • Seamless message with any team member
  • Back transferred intellectual capital, touchable results
  • Privacy and secrecy

 We offer

  • Man-hour efforts opinion
  • Focus on your core trade needs and project goals
  • Apparent development workflow
  • Regular task coverage
  • Flexibility to harmonize working shifts with business hours in your corporation
  • Modern communication technologies to frequently keep in touch
  • Regular deliverables, high-value services
  • Protection of scholar property rights and business connection, if necessary.
  • Scalable or downsized ODC’s communications depending on the project requirements

There are important cost efficiencies and time compensation that favor the need and achievement of an offshore development center. However, we can't reject the fact that offshore development center replica is still trying to grow up from its infancy. With the appearance of business critical projects, technology progression, and quality, ODC’s idea and industry is developing everyday and moving towards its adulthood. In near future, ODC industry is predictable to be an extensive contributor to the worldwide economy.

Infoicon Technologies Information is an excited emergent that possesses a reverberation experience of numerous successful projects at the rear its notable status in the IT industry. Infoicon Technologies has well prepared offshore development center in India and offices in other countries to present its clients on-site as well as off-site bear. Barring all statement gaps and cultural issues, Infoicon Technologies offers mission dangerous solutions after cautiously comprehending your business supplies and specifications.

To exclude every likely minute flaw, Infoicon Technologies employs robust and established development processes. Apart from imparting a burly infrastructure and latest technologies, Infoicon Technologies offers keen offshore teams that are selected specially as per the clients' requirements, which work as practical extensions of their in-house staff. We make your software outsourcing result an assured success by payment all doubts and dilemmas that may persevere in your mind.

Infoicon Technologies' offshore growth centers leverage forceful project management know-how to maintain top quality values making every project an assured victory. Access to the devoted team of talented software professionals and commerce analysts with strong statement skills helps retain your self-confidence in the future achievement and growth of your businesses. Shortened growth cycles at offshore progress centers overlaps the zonal time difference departure leaving no space for problems. Grey cells of talented developers at ODC make sunset problems turn out to be the morning solutions on following day.

Our offshore progress centers settle on: 

  • Quality capital
  • Overcoming time zone differences
  • Authority over language
  • Cultural compatibility
  • Political steadiness
  • Focused core competencies
  • And most prominently cost-effectiveness

Establishment of an ODC 

The procedure of setting up of an ODC is in phases

  •  Phase-1: Setting up of Physical Infrastructure : 4-6 weeks (This is early phase required to achieve the infrastructure set up for the ODC - which would comprise setting up of the Physical Infrastructure & Development Environment.)
  •  Phase-2: Setting up Computer/Communication infrastructure :1 week
  •  Phase-3: Manpower recruitment :2-3 weeks
  •  Phase-4: Make ODC Functional: This phase deals with location up of a functional process, which will be implemented and enhanced upon throughout the life of the ODC. A thorough discussion is held to decide on the process to set up the Communication protocol, Operational efficiency/Reporting structure, Specific roles and everyday jobs assigned to specific workers.
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