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Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is possessing immense expertise in providing QA and software testing services for telecom domain. This proficiency has made us serve the leading telecommunication service providers. There is a major influence of digital applications in Telecommunication industry on users in these days. This industry is dealing with a lot of traffic each day and a single discrepancy in the application or website can lead to the reduced number of end-users. We are all obvious about the need for software testing in telecom domain.

Since each business holder makes his best efforts in providing the leading-edge digital solutions for their business as a large number of users visits their websites and uses their applications on daily basis. They do not want to let their customers abscond due to some flaws.

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We are empowering the diverse telecom business holders by providing them independent and comprehensive software testing solutions. Our culminating capabilities facilitate the acceleration of the test process in a cost-effective manner. We have tested various national and international telecom websites together with applications.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Offers top-notch Telecommunication Testing and QA solutions globally. Our Software Testing solutions are not just satisfactory but more than that. We are here to accomplish all your functional validation and protocol testing requirements. Holding amply proven expertise in this expanded realm of telecommunication Testing, we perform both manually as well as automation testing by making the use of various test automation tools.

Our test engineers keep the strong focus on both the wired as well as wireless technologies employed in your website as it is very important to demonstrate your services in a legitimate manner in telecom spectrum. Our key feature is our software testing team empowered with huge expertise in testing telecom apps and websites.

Our Approach For Telecom Testing Comprises of :-

  • A comprehensive approach for functional and Integration Testing.
  • Efficient bug tracking with Traceability Matrix.
  • Formulate test execution handily.
  • Manage test cases across a multifarious environment.
  • Performance Turing with the network.
  • Load testing for data transmission.
  • Improve end user's experience with high usability.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Telecom Testing Offerings

  • Developing test strategy.
  • Designing test cases.
  • Generating test scripts.
  • Employing various test automation frameworks.
  • Test case execution.
  • Documentation and Bug Reporting.
  • Support and get across with the clients.
  • Prompt delivery and reasonable cost.
  • Performance, functional, stress and usability testing.
  • Interoperability & compatibility testing.

Why Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. For Telecom Testing

Cost-effective test automation tools employed that results into the accurate bug detection.

Speedy telecom testing process for different devices, functionalities, and Operating Systems.

Dedicated Labs to perform telecom testing on various situations and networking platforms.

Strong Expertise in discrete test automation tools to test the applications entirely.

Testing process is executed in a Real Environment.

In-house technical experts and the best talent pool with extensive telecom domain knowledge

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in providing far-reaching, cost-effective, and expeditious telecom mobile/web application testing solutions that are smoothly executable on various mobile phone likewise iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobiles. We are making our best efforts and are deeply focused on providing you a smart as well as efficient telecom solutions. Our services follow a standard test procedure throughout the entire phases of SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle) comprehensively.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. understand the fundamentals of the telecommunication industry and maintains a dedicated Telecom testing practice of manual and automation testing. Our experts employ intricate tools to design and implement comprehensive test strategy that progressively covers the successful execution on multifarious functional platforms and multiform operating systems.

Perfectly cognizant about the dynamic telecom industry, we steadily work to make the entire application bug-free.

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