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A comprehensive and organized test strategy is a top-notch point considered for ensuring the quality and consistency of an application and system. To assure the efficient flow of information across abiding applications requires a determined process of testing to rectify all the bugs.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. does not rely solely on the outsourced testing solutions rather we are accomplishing with the dedicated testers and on a systematic approach for the same. This approach begins with gathering the significant user requirements and mapping these requirements with the forefront test cases execution and their reporting.

We offer extensive System Testing services that are intended to ensure the seamless execution of your application with the legitimate functionality on the designated system. With accurate testing processes, we are adhering to highest quality standards of testing. In order to make sure that business processes run steadily, you have a need to be assured that each system included in this process is operating seamlessly. Additionally, the systems are intended to interact with each other without any complications.

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We offer formulated system testing services designated to test significant IT systems. It primarily comprises of black-box functional testing likewise other options also such as regression testing, load testing, installation testing, usability testing, security testing and test automation.

Our methodology facilitates testing at diversified stages of project’s life cycle. Our approach is based on the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board). Our key features are optimal test coverage, high-quality test cases and vast experience in test automation.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers both global and localized solutions for system testing. Our preeminent QA services define, establish, and validate functionalities of a software application across system specifications. As a leading software testing company, we are recognized for our expertise. We have been providing comprehensive testing solutions to diverse business sectors speedily adopting dynamic IT applications. Our dexterity in latest tools and technologies enables us to provide the best acceptance testing solutions across all platforms. We assure the foolproof verification and validation of both functional as well as non-functional requisites of our client’s applications.

Our Methodology

Experts at Infoicon Technologies employ customized and leading-edge methodology powered with the flexible and integrated approach for system integration testing projects. We plan, implement and execute the test strategy depending upon the technology, application domain, and customer specifications. Our expertise in Acceptance testing facilitates the designing of test cases and employing the techniques that can detect all possible and potential defects with a high-quality deliverable.

Our exceptional system testing approach encompasses the validation of functional as well as non-functional requirements of your applications as per the dynamic market requisites. This ensures the resulting application enriched with of reliability for seamless end-user experience. It’s typically performed subsequent to integration testing. Arising under the category of black-box testing, our system and acceptance testing procedure employs SRS (Software Requirements Specification) and significant documentations at the initial stages.

Our Testing Execution On-Demand Service and/or Manual Test Design and Execution Service has a rotating team of quality assurance professionals who are ready to help complete your system testing. We will work with your developers, business analysts, and managers to review requirements, build a comprehensive system test plan, design and execute thorough test cases, and log defects.

By taking advantage of our meticulous services, you can own an outstanding application, fully ready to be used by your end-users seamlessly.

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