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The term “Cloud Testing” can be outlined in numerous ways. At Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we perform testing on clouds to empower our customer’s digital solutions. We facilitate to improve your cloud’s performance and functionality with our leading testing and QA services.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Provide ingenious cloud testing solutions. It blends together the finest testing units to present economical and quality-rich application. We are working with numerous cloud service providers. Some of the leading ones are Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure. In addition to this, we are also serving the best QA services to our clients with varied parameters such as functional, performance and compatibility.

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Why Should You Opt Cloud Testing?

  • Trims the expenses for hardware, its management, and further maintenance.
  • Eradicates the need for software licensing.
  • Raises ROI of your business application.
  • Accelerate business processes.Lessens the business risk.
  • Deliver top-notch cloud applications.Eliminate the lengthy procurement tasks.
  • Improves efficiency and task management.

At Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we perceive what our clients expect from us with respect to the services that we render to them. We put our best efforts in surpassing our customer’s expectations by offering the preeminent testing services. We proffer the reporting to all sorts of bugs in your clouds that troubling you in accessing your application or website.

We assist our clients by testing their VM backup, application monitoring services across private clouds likewise Rackspace, CloudSigma, Virtacore. Our testing procedure is focused on developing performance and reliability of enterprises. We employ numerous defect management tools across Amazon, Microsoft Azure Cloud, etc. We analyze test automation approach for Microsoft Azure applications.

Tools We Adopt in Cloud Testing:-

  • CloudTest
  • HP LoadRunner
  • Microsoft Azure
  • SOAtest

Benefits of Cloud Testing:-

  • Economical Approach.
  • Enhanced Scalability.
  • Expanded Reliability.

Our Cloud Testing Services Comprises of:-

Stress Testing: - It determines the competence of an application to uphold the legitimate functionality up to a certain level. It is obligatory for an application to work flawlessly even under superfluous stress. Stress testing ensures this by analyzing an application on peak loads. Instead of expending money on building on-premises testing environments, we offer affordable cloud testing services.

Load Testing: - We perform Load testing of applications by exhibiting them at heavy user traffic. By measuring the application’s response to this traffic in terms of its designated functionality and features. It is vital for your application to tune the performance in order to meet determined standards of quality. We make use of several tools to enable this process sleeker.

Performance Testing: - Discovering diverse bottlenecks & drawbacks arises under performance testing. By using cloud testing, we test the performance of applications under a certain workload. We build significant environment by the virtue of cloud computing.

Functional Testing: - We carry-out functional testing applications by the means of cloud testing. Our expert and dedicated team of testers perform several verifications to ensure about the working & functionality of your existing web application elsewise website.

Browser Compatibility Testing: - We analyze an application's compatibility and functionality across different browsers. This will ensure that the application or website is working properly with numerous browsers or not.

Let Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. be your QA partner and feel the significance of the leading cloud testing services. We test cloud storage from functional and non-functional perspective conjointly.

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