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E-Commerce and Auction Website Testing

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has voluminous expertise and experience in web designing, web development and utilization of complex and significant e-Commerce & Auction website testing frameworks. Our approach for testing this category of websites is based on integrating test scenario and then consequently addressing them to the development team. Throughout this process, we focus on ensuring the complete transparency and quality adherence. We provide up-to-date e-Commerce and Auction website’s testing solutions.

Why e-Commerce & Auction Website Testing?

The major advantages of testing for your online shopping website and mobile applications are:-

Contented Customers:- 

For an e-Commerce website, the customer’s experience is the foremost thing that a website owner should take care of, as no customer wants to buy items from a website stuffed with errors and hassling functionalities.

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Extended Customers:-

Each e-commerce owner tries to make his/her customers pleased with seamless application experience. An application that has satisfied or even surpassed its end-user’s expectations, then, it will surely increase the number of customers visiting on it.

Marked up Sales:-

To improve the revenue of your online shopping business, you need to know what problems and issues your customer face while running your applications. This will surely help in boosting your sales by the increasing number of buyers.

Raised Business Reputation:- 

The reputation of your business is closely connected with your user’s reviews and online experience. Your happy customers facilitate you in making a remarkable reputation on a local and global platform.

The testing criteria and test processes are employed separately for this category of website. An e-Commerce website consists of numerous pages. These pages are intended to display various products for sale. Sometimes, due to some technical glitches, the website can encounter some execution issues. It is crucial to conduct unit testing to check the functionality of individual units as well as integration testing to test the working of all the pages together.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. generate typical bidding and auction critical test scenarios for our beloved customers. We employ finest bidding/auction algorithms to create test scenarios. This facilitates us to provide outstanding functional testing solutions for new and as well as existing e-Commerce entities. In addition to this, we facilitate auction websites to conquer complex technical challenges successfully.

What We Offer in Our e-Commerce Website Testing Services:-

Checking Website’s Usability

End-to-End Verification

Functional Testing

Workflow Check-up

Auction Algorithm Verification

Bidding Scenarios Analysis

Order Management Review

Performance Testing

Page Rendering Look-up

Transaction Management Analysis

Security Testing

Penetration Testing

Advantages of Availing the Services from Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.: - 

Streamlines the Online Shopping Procedure: - We test for the flawless working of your applications from the outset to the end - from Product selection to the receiving the payment confirmation.

Reduces The Stress: - We reduce the worries of e-commerce users and service providers by making the applications logical, consistent and uninterrupted.

Cut down the Risk of Success of e-Commerce Business: - We trim the risk of all those e-commerce entity holders who are wondering about if their application will work successfully or not in the real time environment.

Employ Latest Tools & Technologies: - We make the use of the leading-edge automation tools to empower our customers with reputable e-solutions.

Full-Fledged Infrastructure: - We have an expanded infrastructure to execute our undertakings and to bring out outstanding web solutions.

Knowledgeable Talent Pool: - We have a team of dedicated and experienced technical professionals to test your web and mobile applications separately.

On-Time Delivery: - We deliver our services within the predefined time frame.

Extensive Domain Experience: - We are owing pervasive experience in testing these types of websites as well as mobile applications.

Strong Experience of Market Dynamics: - we clearly understand the market dynamics and organize our plans according to them.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. assure flawless functioning of your E-Carts and auction websites. We are making the finest efforts to generate innovative and user-friendly solutions. We formulate tailor-made testing tools and methodologies for leading-edge e-Commerce testing services. Our acquaintanceship with market dynamics and latest technology empowers us. The ability of Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’s team to use reliable and accurate mechanism facilitates us in reaching a pinnacle in e-Commerce testing.

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