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Infoicon Technologies is specialised in the development of next generation portals, sites, e-commerce sites, applications on the DotNetNuke or DNN platform.

We have contributed to the successful engagements at pervasive stages with the help of technical expertise, creative savvy and acumen of business.

We not only provide impressive return on the return on investment but also create tremendous value for our clients by providing web, innovative and dotnetnuke development services. Hence we are committed for our clients. The business is being conducted in a secured and efficient manner in the sense that we provide custom web sites, engage customers in applications, also engage suppliers, customers, partners so that a wider communication web is being formed.

Infoicon Technologies also provides them the opportunities to collaborate and exchange data among themselves. Our key objective is to form a long term relationship with our clients, whenever possible providing application development services to our clients. Our basic step is to accommodate the basic need of our client and hence we follow a flexible approach to our clients so that we achieve our aim of the success of our clients. Faster project execution, lowered cost of development, outstanding quality, customer service, and reliability are the services which are being provided to the clients as a goal.

 Why DotNetNuke along with our team for your development?

DotNetNuke is a framework built over Microsoft ASP.Net (VB.NET) platform as it is an open source web based application. It grants permission to the general public to grant the software free of charge as it is licensed under a BSD agreement. With a rising community as well as a dedicated base of DotNetNuke developers, hold up for DotNetNuke and newly created modules are always close at hand as well as up-to-date. No programming skills are being required to administer or host a new solution as there are user and administrator friendly relations. Dotnetnuke developers have a wide experience as they are highly qualified hence are good in performing their skills in DNN developing services both for DNN modules and skins and separate full scale portals. Infoicon Technologies is also popular for its timely professional approach for DNN outsourcing.

Our DNN (DotNetNuke or .NetNuke) development services include:

  • Community websites
  • Custom websites applications
  • DNN modules development
  • Corporate portals
  • Online content publishing applications
  • Intranet/ extranet
  • DNN consulting services
  • Vertical portal
  • Customisation of theme and skins
  • Qualified .NetNuke support services

Our team of DotNetNuke of developers is dedicated and hence it is always ready to implement your business idea so if you are looking for a cheap, fast, highly scalable and robust solution then our team of developers is always ready. We can offer cost effective programming services for latest custom modules as well as attractive theme with incorporation services with active CMS.

Here are few things of what you can easily do with a DNN-based website:

  • Enrichment of your site with tables, pictures, text, links etc
  • Manage the site contents while adding events, announcements, feedback, blogs and contact forms etc.
  • Assignment of roles and security levels membership
  • Set up banner advertising and customisation of page appearance
  • Send bulk emails and submit the website to search engines

Advantages of using DotNetNuke

  •  Easy to install and to host:  It becomes easy for the users to manage all the aspects of their projects.
  • Fully extensive and scalable:  It is suitable for all types of projects ranging from the largest corporate deployment to the smallest website.
  • Simply efficient and manageable:  It is able to support multiple portals off on one install. Administrative options are being divided between host level and multiple portal levels.
  •  Recognised name:DotNetNuke is a brand which is widely recognised and is a renowned trademarked name. It is also respected in open source community.
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