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Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is providing forefront solutions for Fat-Free Development by developing dynamic and robust applications.

We are well-versed with Fat-Free technology and are implementing numerous aspects of this framework. We are here to build the finest websites and applications for you to represent your resplendent existence on the web. After getting your business built on such an advanced platform, your business will be recognized globally.

Fat-Free Framework or F3 is an open-source PHP Framework designed to create dynamic and vigorous web applications. It facilitates scalability and progressiveness by accommodating different web development standards. It is the slender framework to alleviate the development process.

Customers Can Draw Succeeding Advantages from Fat-Free Development Services Provided at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

No Need to Write the Lengthy Codes: - F3 provides leverage of writing fewer codes. It is convenient for our developers to develop an application on this framework.

Rapid Development Process: - As there is no need to write lengthy codes in F3, we develop the websites in the shortest span of time seamlessly.

Light- Weight Framework: - F3 is a light-weighted framework letting the developers create website and applications without a hitch. It minifies the loading time of the websites.

Fast Kick Start and Execution: - To initiate web development on F3 framework, we start it diligently with no strapping set-up installations.

Easy to Operate: - We do not need to overspend our valuable time in configuring the system with the framework. This framework is convenient to adapt and operate.

Technical Advancements: - This framework is stuffed with undermentioned technical features: -

Handy Web development tool-kit.

Supports both MySQL, NoSQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MSSQL/Sybase databases on all counts and its own fast Flat-File DB (named as Jig) too.

Lightweight framework as it occupies only 50 KB of space.

Multilingual i18n applications support.

Speedy URL routing.

Multi-protocol cache engine.

Limitless Plugins to use.

After reading all the advantages, customers can’t stop themselves from getting their business developed online on this framework. We are here to accomplish this task. We provide seamless web development services on F3 Framework to please our customers with a world-class experience. We are empowering our customers with the culminating web development options. It is the consequence of our peerless efforts, we are upholding an exclusive identity in providing the preeminent web development services.

We are enriched with a dedicated and zealous team of developers. Our tech-savvy team is acquainted with various web development frameworks. It is the consummation of their efforts, we are preceding amongst all web development companies in the global marketplace.

We will stack-up all your requirements in the beginning. Then, we will make a decision on the framework and database on which the website or application will be developed. After this step, we will cogitate for what strategy will be followed. A whole lot of steps are followed to deliver our services on time. We test the application or website before ceding it to our clients. We stick towards punctuality as we value your precious time.

After delivering a high-quality website or application to our valuable clients, we continuously concentrate on their maintenance. It is a tenacious yet mandatory part of all life cycles. This process lasts for the lifetime of the application once it is developed. Maintenance is the mark of the sleekness of an application. We successively upgrade and update the web applications according to the individual requirements of the project.

Get the primo solutions your digital requisites with Fat-Free Development here at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We would love to serve you to make your online presence a captivating one.

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